The Long and the Short of It

Glasgow Short Film Festival has established itself as one of Scotland’s most consistently interesting and ambitious film festivals, through an imaginative programme with an international reach. Short films often – essentially – break down into two kinds – short narrative films made by younger directors as calling cards into the industry, which may often repeat … Continue reading The Long and the Short of It

Lucid Dreamer

Apichatpong Weerasethakul is one of the most remarkable directors working in contemporary cinema.  He has created a dazzling series of narrative features, shorts and installations, united by their playfulness and their sheer visual and aural beauty, which constitute one of the most singular and distinctive bodies of work in twenty first century cinema. His cinema … Continue reading Lucid Dreamer

Love Music, Hate Racism with Machines in Heaven

Machines in Heaven interviewed by Brian Beadie  Radical Film Network Scotland isn’t just about film screenings, but about social events allowing filmmakers, activists and academics to meet and discuss issues around radical film. And also to party. Tonight sees a Love Music Hate Racism gig at the QMU, with one of Glasgow’s more interesting younger bands, … Continue reading Love Music, Hate Racism with Machines in Heaven

Pain Is…

Stephen Dwoskin was an American avant garde filmmaker who, after training as a painter,  would move to London to help cofound the London Filmmaker’s Co-op. If his early American work would be indebted to, and indeed build on Warhol’s early work, in London he would develop a highly personal style of filmmaking far removed  from … Continue reading Pain Is…

No Mean Streets

Radical Film Network has begun, and one of the most interesting aspects of the varied programme is Radical Home Cinema, which allows the public to watch films in the homes and workspaces of people involved with radical film. One of the most unusual events on the programme has to be Artful Dodgers, a short satire … Continue reading No Mean Streets

What is a Radical Film?

An Interview with David Archibald by Brian Beadie The first Radical Film Network Scotland Festival and Unconference is about to begin, but obviously its very title begs the question; what is a radical film? The notion of radicalism is a much contested one, with one (wo)man’s radicalism another’s retrograde. I spoke to Radical Film Network … Continue reading What is a Radical Film?